Founded over 60 years ago, our Firm is recognized for its private practice in criminal law matters, primarily in the area of financial and economic crimes. It has developed an outstanding national and international reputation through its transparency, efficiency and professionalism.

Discretion and confidentiality in handling clients’ business has been a fundamental and unwavering rule of our Firm’s practice.

Its founder, Alfredo Iribarren - as well as all our lawyers - have unrivalled academic qualifications and professional experience as criminal attorneys. This proficiency is at the core of the outstanding service and advice offered to our clients, as well as to other law firms.

Our firm specializes in all areas relating to criminal law, in particular those connected to business and other economic activities. These include, among others “white collar crimes”, corporate fraud, tax evasion, banking, exchange regulations, customs, environmental matters, I.T. frauds and individual and/or corporate money-laundering.

We also have expertise in the implementation of ethical practices and compliance rules, and corporate criminal liability.

Our firm has extensive experience in international criminal matters and is recognized for its involvement in high-profile extradition cases.

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